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Kia Spectra 1.6 LS

Kia Spectra 1.6 LS

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Nissan Nismo

Nissan Nismo
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Nissan Z Wins Its Debut Race

TI Circuit Aida (Okayama, Japan) - Apr. 3-4, 2004
The 82-lap race started on the wet surface, but the weather was getting better and the tire choice was crucial to all teams. Although most of the participants forecasted the surface to dry shortly, the track remained wet until the beginning of the race. Among two NISMO cars which has reserved the front row after the qualifying session, Motul Pitwork Z (#22) chose slick (dry) tires, and Xanavi Nismo Z (#1) switched to intermediate (rain) tires right before the start.

In order to secure safety, the Safety Car led the field for four laps. On Lap 5 the green light was lit, and the race started. Masami Kageyama (#22) started from the pole position, but the slick tires were unable to grip and had lost positions. Meanwhile, Satoshi Motoyama (#1) made a good start to take the top, was overtaken by two other cars. Also, he had to drive through the pit lane on lap 10 as a penalty for changing tires after "5 min. to go" signboard was shown prior to the start. With this penalty, car #1 had dropped to 9th position.

As the race proceeded, the sky had turned to blue clear sky and #1 Z retuned to pit on lap 19 to change to slick tires. On lap 48, the driver for the car #1 was changed to Lyons. Thanks to the fast pitwork of the team, Lyons returned to the race and kept 2nd place. With further push, he continued to attack Toyota Supra (#39) which was 20 seconds ahead. When it was only 8 seconds away, the No. 39 Supra was penalized and had returned to pit. The car had grabbed the top and received the checkered flag.

Although it had dropped to 18th due to the inappropriate tires, Motul Pitwork Z (#22) soon had recovered as the track started to dry. Kageyama recovered to 9th and returned to pit on lap36 to switch to Michael Krumm. Krumm speeded in pursuit, and on lap 52 he reached 8th place, then the car was in 6th on lap 69. On lap 78 when the race was almost over, it overtook Supra (#38) to finish in 5th position. However, 40seconds were added due to the penalty from the accident, which made the final result to be 9th.

Calsonic IMPUL Z (#12), which lost few positions at first due to the choice of slick tires, was also penalized and forced to drive through the pit lane for their work on the grid before the start. It dropped to 31st, but soon recovered to finish the race in 8th place. G'ZOX SSR Hasemi Z (#3) which has chosen intermediate tires and started the race smoothly, maintained 4th position for the first laps. Although it had dropped to 7th after pit stop to change tires, it had then joined the top contenders. However, the pace was not consistent and finished the race in the 6th position.

"We had visions of dominating the race from the start, but I guess nothing really works as you plan. It was also our miscalculation that #22 with slick tires were so left behind. Meanwhile, the intuition of the engineer changing tires to intermediate for #1 was most successful. Anyway, we are very glad to win pole and victory on our first event out with the Z." said Hiroshi Degawa, Team Director of NISMO.

Satoshi Motoyama (#1) said, "I'm really happy to win at TI Circuit this year, since I couldn't win here last year though I started the race from the pole position."

Richard Lyons (#1) said, "I was confident from the start because the car was in really good condition and the combination with Satoshi was working great. Though we'll have to carry the weight handicap from the next round, I'll aim the podium finish at SUGO. After finishing this first race, I feel confidence in aiming the series champion as well."

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2001 Kia Spectra 1.6 LS Repair Manual

If you are a mechanic or just someone who wants to learn how to work on their car, you need a quality repair manual for your Kia Spectra LS. I found a manual which blew them away ! ALLDATA provides the best step-by-step repair instructions directly from Kia, as well as TSB's. TSB's are special repair instructions for common problems, issued from Kia to their dealer mechanics. Even if you do not work on your own car, the TSB's can help you troubleshoot problems before you take your Kia to your mechanic. Check out the following information which is included in each ALLDATA repair manual.

  • Specific repair information to fix your Kia Spectra LS
    • Brake Pad and Rotor Replacement
    • Engine Repair and Replacement
    • Electrical Diagrams and Troubleshooting Guides
    • Transmission Repair and Replacement Procedures
    • Much Much More !
  • Labor Guides to let you know how long the job should take you or your mechanic.
  • Factory Recall and Technical Service Bulletins (TSB)
    • Information that addresses safety, reliability, performance and comfort related problems with your Kia Spectra LS
    • Special warranty provisions and extensions
    • Fixes for common problems and updated factory repair procedures
  • OEM Part Numbers
  • Diagnostic Charts and Trouble Codes Specific to Your Kia Spectra LS
  • Component Locations and Diagrams
  • Factory Maintenance Schedules for Your Kia Spectra LS

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